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Kerry Anderson - General Manager Of Australia's Fastest Growing Google Partner

Kerry dedicates his time to helping SME’s throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Heading up a team of talented marketeers at the Get More Traffic HQ


  • Get More Traffic is an elite Google Premier Partner, with 600+ businesses in our client portfolio.Multinational corporations with endless marketing budgets no longer dominate online search engine results. With the correct management of your Search Marketing account, the playing field has been leveled, enabling you to get your business, your products and services in front of highly motivated customers.Qualified Leads ✓
    Performance AdWords indexing techniques ensure you attract high intent customers.Transparent Communication ✓
    No one knows your business like you, so working together will ensure the best possible result.

    Benchmarked keyword analysis ✓
    Continual testing in all aspects of keyword management allows us to enable campaigns with the lowest possible risk coupled with the highest potential for ROI.

    More ways to convert ✓
    Targeting, remarketing, call extensions – with more chances for conversions, you’ll receive optimised results.

    and display marketing that puts you in control

With HUNDREDS of happy clients over the years, our success speaks for itself!

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    Our Clients 977+ Active Clients

    increased conversion rates by 126%
    improved lead volume
    achieved 350% conversion increase
    improved CPA by 65%
    doubled lead quality and volume
    ad engagement up 180%
    increased leads by 300%