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Bing Network Target specific audiences and display ads against related content.


Expand your online reach by advertising across the Bing Network! Our award-winning team can easily combine your Google AdWords campaign with Bing Ads; helping you to reach up to 167 million users on a local or global scale across the platform’s network. Call us today to begin reaping the benefits of combining both Google and Bing Network advertising.

Reach Out
Placing ads on the Bing Network provides us with the opportunity to reach approximately 9 million unique searches.

Partner With Other Networks
Bing Ads are not only shown within the Bing Network, they can also be shown across Yahoo and other partnered networks.

Cost Effective
With its low running costs, our experts are able to find you the best suited campaign for an affordable price!

Track Your Goals!
Bing’s Universal Event Tracking platform provides us with the opportunity to track important conversion goals and adjust our campaign to suit.

Reach Further

Target Areas
With Bing, we have the ability to target your ad campaigns to display on devices when a potential customer searches in your service area.

Target Demographic
With Bing, we help you target the ideal demographic for you brand or service in order to return with successful results.

What our clients say Real people - Knowledge - Real results

..they were able to put themselves in my shoes and help me out in ways that no-one else can.
Mathew Ansell - Ansells Electrix

Get More Traffic are a rarity, they promised a lot but they delivered. Within a couple of months my leads tripled. What a difference.
Daniel Imiolek - Carpet Court

Road Map The Road To Success


Research & Development
We structure a highly relevant, targeted campaign to begin our kick start strategy to optimisation.


Analyse & Optimise
Identify which of our exclusive optimisation strategies will work best to ensure the best results for your goals.


Advanced Optimisation
Review dimensions and leverage existing results to problem solve any new challenges utilising Advanced Quality Score analysis.


Performance Management
Review results of advanced optimisation campaigns and maximise ROI with budget strategy.


Secure Long Term Performance
Expand focus on competition watch and identify risks and threats to prepare a contingency strategy to secure performance.


Maintain & Continually Optimise
Expand our focus on advanced bid management strategies to always maintain the highest possible ROI.