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Is your company spending big on a Google AdWords campaign, only to see consistently disappointing results? Google AdWords campaigns can be difficult …read more.

Award Winning Gold Coast AdWords Management

Have you ever wanted to see your business represented among Google’s sponsored search results for certain high-value keywords? With AdWords, Google’s PPC (pay-per-click) …read more.

Get More Traffic: Gold Coast SEO Agency

It used to be that SEO content writing was all about keywords and commonly searched phrases. Search engine algorithms rewarded sites that had keyword-rich articles and pages—sometimes regardless of the quality of the content. …read more.

Three Reasons to Hire an SEO Agency in Queensland

If your company is small or relatively new, then you might still be doing most of your marketing—including search engine optimisation—in-house. As your business grows, though, you may find that these tasks are taking up too much time or demanding too much manpower. …read more.

Get a Fresh and Innovative Approach from Your Gold Coast SEO Company; Call Get More Traffic Today

At Get More Traffic, we are one of the ‘new kids on the block’ regarding the SEO companies operating in the Gold Coast area. We aren’t the longest running SEO company in the region, nor are we the most well-known …read more.

The Crucial Importance of SEO for Ecommerce Shops in Australia

The world changed the moment the Internet was first used to sell an item. No longer just a way to connect and share information, the transformation of the web into a global marketplace for all kinds of commerce has changed our world. …read more.

SEO For Your SME

If your SME (small or medium-sized enterprise) isn’t seeing satisfying results from its most recent search engine optimisation campaign, you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t alone …read more.

Show Improving Corporate SEO Practices Helps Your Company Grow

Who could know a business better than the person in charge? That’s a fact: from top to bottom, who else would have the opportunity to learn more about your business’s …read more.

Get More Traffic: The Ecommerce PPC Experts

When it comes to managing a pay-per-click marketing campaign for an e-commerce site, there are a few major pros and cons that don’t necessarily come with other business PPC campaigns. …read more.

Improve the Performance of Your Website with the Help of an Australian SEO Provider

Are the product pages or landing pages on your website failing to deliver the level of traffic you’d like to see? Alternatively, are you getting a decent amount of traffic, but also seeing short dwell times, high bounce rates and minimal conversions? …read more.

Should You Hire an Australia AdWords Management Company for Help with Your Marketing Efforts?

‘Can my business benefit from using Google AdWords?’ At Get More Traffic, as a well-regarded AdWords management company in Australia, we frequently hear different variations on this question. Businesses come to us having heard about AdWords or …read more.

How to Choose the Right SEO Company in Australia

You are in the process of searching for and hiring an Australian SEO company to help with your business’s online marketing strategy. You have a few company names in mind based on online research and recommendations from friends—including, perhaps …read more.

Get More Traffic: Providing White Hat SEO Services in Australia

Search engine optimisation is a complicated and difficult process—one that often takes a little while to deliver the kind of results that clients want to see. Thus, companies will occasionally try to ‘game the system’ and boost their Google rankings …read more.

Get More Traffic Offers Australian Entrepreneurs a Fresh Approach to Search Marketing Across Australia

It takes a special kind of spirit to decide to transform a simple idea into a viable business. Whether that idea is offering boutique products to an upscale clientele or providing basic trade service to homes in your area, entrepreneurs …read more.

Take Your Online Presence to the New Level with SEM in Australia

Everyone knows about search engine optimisation, which boosts website traffic by tweaking site architecture or creating high-quality keyboard-focused content. The abbreviation ‘SEO’ has even entered the common vernacular, to the point that some …read more.

How Get More Traffic Can Help You Improve Your Company’s E-Commerce AdWords Management Campaign

Ideally, a Google AdWords campaign will help you drive consistent and high-quality traffic to your e-commerce website. While SEO is valuable for an e-commerce site—or any site, for that matter—a well-managed AdWords campaign might have even more …read more.

Put Your Focus on the Real Business with Get More Traffic’s Ecommerce AdWords Management

To someone on the outside, owning an online shop might not sound too complicated — after all, you just sit back and wait for the orders to come in while you collect the cash, right? If only that were true! In the real world, running an ecommerce website …read more.

Take Your E-Commerce PPC Management to the Next Level with Get More Traffic

When it comes to managing a pay-per-click marketing campaign for an e-commerce site, there are a few major pros and cons that don’t necessarily come with other business PPC campaigns. The good news with e-commerce PPC is that your first batch …read more.

Does Your E-Commerce Site Need PPC Marketing and Management?

When you first launch an e-commerce business, it’s easy to assume that you will be able to grow your brand on the power of search engine optimisation, email marketing and strong word of mouth. With high-quality products and an attractive, easy-to-use …read more.

Get More Clicks and Make More Sales: Hire Get More Traffic for Your E-Commerce SEO in Australia

Virtually any modern business needs a web presence to be successful. To have a strong website for your business, you need to draw visitors to your site. If customers click on your website, they are more likely to engage with your content, forge a …read more.

Improve Your Gold Coast or Queensland SEM Efforts with Get More Traffic

In the business world, there’s no driver’s manual for you to refer to when you come to a difficult decision. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is go with your gut instinct and learn from whatever experience follows. Other times, though, it’s …read more.

What Should You Look for in SEO Services for Your Gold Coast Company?

In the early 2000s, search engines were largely just a convenient way to find out what you wanted to know and to get around on the Internet. Today, though, giants like Google command a multi-billion industry that not only shapes how we interact with …read more.

Why Your Online Store SEO is Failing—and How Australia’s Get More Traffic Can Help

Online store SEO is no easy task. In fact, search engine optimisation for e-commerce stores tends to be markedly harder than it is for blogs and more basic websites. There are several reasons for this added difficulty, from the higher …read more.

Serious Australian Search Engine Marketing Can Help You Grow Across Australia

When you’re just a regular user of the Internet, you likely don’t spend much time thinking about all the ads you see. Some might catch your eye and prove to be useful, but many of them pass by unnoticed. Once you’re a business owner, though, it’s hard …read more.

Revitalise Your Australian Search Marketing Efforts with an Australia Wide Campaign

No matter the type of business you run, every owner at one point or another experiences some frustration with their efforts in search marketing. It’s easy enough to understand the importance of placing ads online and targeting terms related to …read more.

Choose the SEM Firm in Australia That Understands Australian Trade Workers

Few industries are as necessary and vital as domestic trades. Whether your business is plumbing, electrical work, construction, or one of the many other trades servicing homes and companies around Australia, your skills and practical, hands-on experience …read more.

What is SEM and What Does It Mean for Your QLD Company?

In the past, small and medium business owners and entrepreneurs had to rely on several methods to make their presence in a community known. These methods included everything from print ads in the most popular newspapers, radio ads, and even things …read more.

Start Learning the Basics about Search Engine Optimisation from Our Australian SEO Agency

Learning the basics of search engine optimisation is harder than many people realise—at least at first. SEO is about more than just keywords. On the contrary, it’s also about website design, quality content, bounce rates, backlinking, and much more. …read more.

How to Choose the Right Service Package from Your SEO Company in Queensland

If you choose Get More Traffic as your SEO company in Queensland, you will find that we have three basic search engine optimisation ‘competition levels.’ These competition levels—labelled simply as ‘Low,’ ‘Moderate’ and ‘High’—mostly dictate …read more.

Why Does Your Company Need SEO Friendly Website Design?

Every business owner wants their company to stand out from the crowd. When you put so much work into launching your business idea and honing your services or products offered, it’s natural to want people to take notice. In a crowded marketplace, that …read more.

Partner with a Gold Coast SEO Provider That Shares Your Passion

No one starts a business because they feel half-hearted about their idea. It’s all about being fired up and ready to transform your dreams into the reality of a successful company. It’s that passion which keeps the fires burning even when the …read more.

What QLD SEO Services Can Mean for Your Business’s Success in Queensland

For many business owners, not much is quite as frustrating as searching the Internet to see where your business ranks and discovering a direct competitor at the top of the results. How could they manage to get their page so much higher than …read more.