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Facebook’s Free Wi-Fi Is About More Than Just Generosity

How to utilise Facebook’s free Wi-Fi to improve your rankings!

Offering customers free Wi-Fi isn’t necessarily a revolutionary act—after all, how many times have you scammed some free internet time from your local coffee shop or hairdresser? The interesting thing about Facebook’s free Wi-Fi however, is that it allows you to actually improve your business’ rankings at the same time!

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SEO Team

What Should You Look for in SEO Services for Your Gold Coast Company?

In the early 2000s, search engines were largely just a convenient way to find out what you wanted to know and to get around on the Internet. Today, though, giants like Google command a multi-billion industry that not only shapes how we interact with the web but is a vital asset for businesses everywhere. We don’t just search for information anymore — we want to know where to find the most reliable services or the best products to buy. We want to find what’s hot and what’s helpful in our suburb or city. All of that is exactly why SEO services for your Gold Coast business can be so vital to success.

Whether you operate an e-commerce store or just rely on your website to create business for your company, visibility for the search terms most related to your business is crucial. A well-designed landing page can intrigue the users who find your website by searching, and in turn that drives them to contact you. With the right management, you can really go places!

So, what should your company on the Gold Coast want out of its SEO services? You should opt for a partner that cares about your business, understands your enterprise model, and grasps the best SEO practices at the highest level. Get More Traffic can deliver this and more.

SEO Services Tailored to your Gold Coast Goals

Guided by our six core values (which you can read about here) and driven by our motivated, excited staff, Get More Traffic steps up when it’s time to put in the hard work. That’s why we’ve served clients both large and small with distinction and success. Consider the value in our ability to remake your website to drive conversions, for example. Using our accumulated knowledge of the best ways to present information pleasing to both users and search engine crawlers, we’ll design and implement a page that truly sings the praises of your company.

SEO services don’t have to seem like magic — we like to keep our clients involved in the process. In fact, we encourage you to share your questions and concerns. While we’re on this journey together, it’s a collaborative effort. You hold the map, and we’ll take the wheel.

We Stake our Success on Yours

The proof is in our results — plain and simple. We’ve offered extremely high-value SEO services to many Gold Coast businesses with demonstrable improvements in not only the performance of their website but of any AdWords investments they wanted to make as well. From reducing your cost per click to driving more users to engage with your ads, we’ll help you navigate the hazards on the road to success online.

When your business succeeds, so do we; that’s just one of the many reasons you can count on our experience to take you where you’re going. Put your business in front of the people searching online around the Gold Coast today. Call one of our friendly SEO professionals on 1300 332 256 to discuss how.

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SEO Team

Why Your Online Store SEO is Failing—and How Australia’s Get More Traffic Can Help

Online store SEO is no easy task. In fact, search engine optimisation for e-commerce stores tends to be markedly harder than it is for blogs and more basic websites. There are several reasons for this added difficulty, from the higher quantity of pages to the fact that e-commerce pages tend to come and go as limited or seasonal products cycle in and out of your inventory.

Many of the reasons for the difficulty with SEO for online stores, though, tends to be self-inflicted. While there are some inherent hurdles with online store SEO that aren’t there with other types of websites, perhaps the biggest challenge with e-commerce sites is that they are also more likely to have potential pitfalls.

Common Errors with SEO Online Store Strategies

Indeed, if your online store isn’t seeing the kind of traffic and conversion rates that you want or need to continue growing your business, any number of errors could be at fault. Here are just a few of the factors that could be contributing to your lack of search engine traffic:

You copied and pasted the manufacturer descriptions rather than write your own – If your e-commerce site carries products from third-party manufacturers, then this strategy might seem like the best way to go. After all, writing original copy for dozens, hundreds or even thousands of third-party products is time-consuming and costly. It’s faster and cheaper just to use the manufacturer’s product descriptions.

The problem is that Google filters out pages with duplicate content, so if you are using manufacturer descriptions, your pages aren’t going to rank. Even if they did, manufacturer descriptions are rarely absorbing and almost never engage customers and encourage sales. In other words, you need unique content.

Some of your pages don’t have any product descriptions – You wouldn’t believe how many product pages across the web have no written content, period. Some site managers will create pages and upload photos, intending to ‘come back later’ to write content. Others will learn that having generic third-party product descriptions hurts their SEO and will just delete all those descriptions and not replace them with new text.

Whatever the reason, if you don’t have description text for your products, your online store SEO is going to suffer. Without text, there isn’t much for search engines to crawl, which means that your pages have virtually no chance of ranking on the first page of a Google search. The bottom line is that you need unique, original, keyword-targeted text for every single product in your store.

Your headings are weak – If you carry third-party products, you must assume that customers are going to be searching for specific brands and model numbers. In addition to more general product-related keywords, it’s important to highlight these specific details—preferably in your headings, page titles, URLs and meta descriptions. If search engines can pick up that information, it’s going to help the SEO for your online store.

Get Help with Your Online Store SEO in Australia

If you are looking for help with your online store SEO in Australia, give us a call at Get More Traffic today. Whether you need keyword research, original product descriptions, tweaks to your headings and metadata or other improvements, we can help. Call us on 1300 332 256 to learn more about our SEO for online store websites.

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Serious Australian Search Engine Marketing Can Help You Grow Across Australia

When you’re just a regular user of the Internet, you likely don’t spend much time thinking about all the ads you see. Some might catch your eye and prove to be useful, but many of them pass by unnoticed. Once you’re a business owner, though, it’s hard to see those same ads as someone’s hard work to promote themselves.

After all, you’re probably becoming well acquainted with the difficulties and hurdles one encounters as you try to launch a successful cost-effective AdWords campaign. It’s not just about putting what your business does out there and hoping for the best. Instead, your search engine marketing should truly sell the best parts of your business to convert potential leads.

You must put your ads in front of the eyes of those potential sales, too. The content and purpose of your campaign is just as important as where and how it targets people. With effective search engine marketing, you can reach across Australia to tap into markets previously out of your reach. How? It’s all in knowing how the system works and the best ways to work within its boundaries.

Choosing the Direction of your Search Engine Marketing

At Get More Traffic, that’s precisely the kind of knowledge we’ve honed since opening our doors in 2009. With hundreds of satisfied clients and tens of millions of ad views every month, we’ve proven we know that system like the back of our hand. We are ideally positioned to assist you with your Australian search engine marketing requirements.

So, what do we bring to the table and how will we assist in guiding your search marketing efforts to success? Our team will research and fully grasp your business to help formulate the right direction for your advertising efforts. We’ll optimise any efforts you currently have ongoing and explore the possibility of expanding across networks.

In the end, what matters most is the sector in which your business operates. If growth across Australia is your goal, we can help you there! An aggressive strategy that helps you rank better than your competitors in larger markets can be the perfect solution. We’ll be happy to walk you through all the possibilities and suggest which one might be best. We’ll also regularly evaluate our progress together to make changes for the greatest success.

Work Alongside an Experienced SEM Agency for Success

Although running your business might radically alter the way you think about ads on the Internet, it shouldn’t impact your efforts to expand in Australia with search engine marketing. Get More Traffic will drill down to what makes you stand out and transform those facts into a robust approach with the power of Google AdWords. With a superior sense of how to use ethical White Hat techniques to bring more traffic to your site through effective ads, we can transform your marketing into a well-oiled engine that sends new business to you. Sound good? Ring us on 1300 332 256 for further details on the breadth of our services.

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Facebook’s Free Wi-Fi Is About More Than Just Generosity

How to utilise Facebook’s free Wi-Fi to improve your rankings!

Offering customers free Wi-Fi isn’t necessarily a revolutionary act—after all, how many times have you scammed some free internet time from your local coffee shop or hairdresser? The interesting thing about Facebook’s free Wi-Fi however, is that it allows you to actually improve your business’ rankings at the same time!

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GET MORE TRAFFIC Announced As Winners In 2017 Australian Achiever Awards!

Media Release

Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agency, ‘Get More Traffic,’ has taken out the ‘QLD State Winner’ category for the 2017 Australian Achiever Awards.

Announced in early March, the digital agency beat out a diverse range of other local businesses within the ‘Australian Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations Services’ category, and were judged by an array of client-focused criteria, including: Time Related Service, Addressing Client Needs, Care and Attention, Value, Attitude, Communication, and Overall Perception.

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