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Online Marketing Reality Predictions

The suffix ‘-near me’ is becoming more prevalent in search queries on Google, having experienced a significant increase in the last year alone. As the world becomes more and more comfortable with the fact that the device in their pockets, and more importantly, the websites that they visit are becoming better to navigate on mobile devices, we will continue to see better and more targeted results from Google. Google is putting much research and development into responding to more ‘human’ enquiries. Humans don’t talk in ‘keywords’, they ask questions, make statements, and the more Google is able to recognise this, the more in-depth its returning results.

Think about this; you’re driving down the road listening to the music on your mobile device connected wirelessly through your car stereo (this alone is a ‘future is now’ scenario), when the music dims and your GPS navigation voice reminds you to turn left. As it does this, it also mentions that there is a sale on at that store you like on the same street. Intrigued, you pull up outside said store and wander in.

While you’re there, you notice that item that’s been on your ‘want’ list for ages, but you’re unsure of the price. You decide to shop around… in Google Shopping on you mobile! You find the same item for cheaper, but not by much, and realise that for an extra few dollars (which you would have paid in shipping anyway) you can instead have the item now, so you purchase it there and then.

happy robot presenter standing on white background 3d render

You jump back in the car with your shiny new item. The music resumes, you begin cruising, the wind once again flowing through the luscious hair on your face (because in this narrative you’re actually me), and you make your way to your final destination of which you have forgotten where you were going. You ask your phone, “where was I going?” and it replies, “to the supermarket for ingredients for the dinner party you’re throwing for your friends”. You’re surprised, and somewhat confused, mainly because if this second person narrative is actually me, you realise that a dinner party for friends is not something you’re known for hosting, unless it’s pizza, but you roll with it for the sake of interest; you want to know more about this utopian future where your phone is pretty much your personal assistant.

You arrive at the supermarket, headphones in, walking with a swagger that can only come about from blasting DMX Greatest Hits in your ears. What are you going to buy? You turn off the music and speak into your phone, “Persephone,” you say, because how cool is that name for your phone (sophisticated and relevant), “what would you suggest for a dinner party of 15 friends that doesn’t include coriander as an ingredient,” and Persephone supplies you with several options. You choose one and log in to the supermarket’s website, pushing your order direct. You saunter up to the counter and the repurposed Robocop, now ShopCyborg has your order ready to load into the TrolleyDroid. You point Persephone at the PayPoint station, there’s a beep to signify an approved payment and you’re on your way home.

You’re pretty happy with yourself at this point, until you realise you haven’t invited anyone to the dinner party. Considering it is last minute, you realise that there is little chance of getting in touch with everyone, so you ask Persephone to calculate who is available that evening from your Facebook list based off the events they have agreed to attend and mass invite them.

Later that same evening, after the last guest leaves, extolling how awesome you are and how successful the dinner party was, you jump into bed. Persephone asks what genre of movie you would like to watch as she turns on the FloatScreen that hovers above your bed at the perfect angle no matter how you are lying down, with the kind of resolution that makes those obsolete LEDs look like snake on one of those late 90s Nokia phones.

“Sci-Fi, Persephone. Put on some Sci-Fi”.

Let’s take a step back to reality…

Now, of course there has been some artistic licence occurring in this story, particularly the repurposed Robocop, however, the mobile device advanced development is 100% in the works. Google has purchased apps to integrate with Maps that will allow companies to push specials to you *as you approach their venue*, and you’ll be able to talk to your phone like you would to a human. Our imagination of what is possible is literally becoming a reality, and my rambling imaginations could very well be realistic features that we will come to interact with on a daily basis.

I do admit it might be a bit weird having a phone called Persephone replying in Family Guy voices, but I’ll jump that hurdle when I come to it.

With this future soon to become a reality, will your online marketing keep up with technology? Get in touch with GetMoreTraffic today on 1300 859 600 and don’t let your business get left behind!

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